Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Compact-Disk Animals

Sean creates a wide range of animals, from birds right through to polar bear cubs, and all of them were created using only shattered CDs, glue, and a simple wire frame to give them shape and structure for attaching the broken bits of CDs. How Sean manages to use such simple recycled materials to create such detailed renderings, we couldn’t fathom. The creatures look almost soft and naturally furry, in spite of the material they’re made from. The hard plastic is anything but soft, and yet the many tiny shards take on a fur-like appearance in large numbers. Please try to check out seaneavery.com to see a lot more including his new books!!!

We have to admit that some of them are simply jaw dropping. Sadly for us, the only thing we could make out of the DVD’s that used to come with our loft ladders is a frisbee.

Picture by Sean Avery

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