Monday, 23 April 2012

Artistic Photo

Erik Johansson takes photo editing and manipulation to new levels with his ever-growing collection of creative, innovative and amazing scenes of altered architecture and unbelivable built environments, distorted objects and twisted imagery – all while preserving an eerie photo-realism from the original photographic subject.

Nasa's Greatest Hits

Nasa has released a compilation of the best of its time-lapse photography from space - accompanied by a suitable theme tune.
To the haunting sounds of Walking In The Air, written by Howard Blake for the film The Snowman, the four-minute tape zooms over the earth's surface from the International Space Station, shot by the Expedition 30 crew who boarded in November.
The breathtaking footage captured enchanting light displays and vivid weather systems across the globe in the last five months.article-2133567-12B816A3000005DC-997_964x525Heavenly: Comet Lovejoy captured on camera from the ISS when it tore across the sky in November
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