Saturday, 1 September 2012

Segal Ice cream Attack

Here are some images of Segal birds. these are amazing segal birds,the bird who like ice cream. mail feed posted 12 images of segal attack on ice cream, have a look on it.

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The Biggest Crab of Britain "Crabzilla"

This crab is epic. Thank you +Brett Lider for sharing.

As Posted on daily mail 

'Crabzilla' is the Biggest Crab ever seen in bretain, its length is 10 feet and is still Growing with its age.

Rare Blue Moon

Blue moon to appear Friday night, broadcast online by the Slooh Space Camera to honor Neil Armstrong
A blue moon is really the second full moon of the month — it’s not particularly blue, unless it sees you standing alone.
Blue moon, the stuff of song, is not blue, actually. It is the second full moon of the month.
A blue moon will grace the night sky on Friday, August 31.
People with less than ideal viewing conditions can watch the lunar event online. The Slooh Space Camera will broadcast the moon starting at 6 p.m. with a feed from the Prescott Observatory in Arizona and an observatory in the Canary Islands. The broadcast will honor Neil Armstrong, whose funeral is coincidentally the same day, reports TIME .
Despite its colorful name, there's nothing particularly blue about a blue moon. It simply means the second full moon of the month, so don't expect to see a different hue that night.

Jessica Biel Black and White Photoshoot

Jessica Biel is known for her movie Total Recall and A-team. Jessica Biel is  a Singer model and 2003 she was awarded Best Breakthrough Performance by MTV Movie Award,
Nominated—Saturn Award for Best Actress for her movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Here are some Photoshoot Pics of Jessica Bial on mailfeed. Have a look on it 
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Friday, 31 August 2012

Monster Tasmanian Crab

Here is a crab that is probably the world’s largest.

The Monster Tasmanian Crab has a rather flaccid name ‘Claude’ and was found off the shores of the eponymous island below Australia. The crab was on his way to an industrial-size steamer but was saved by a British aquarium, which purchased him for $4,800.
With a shell that measures 15-inches across, he is expected to gr
ow another 3 inches until he weighs 30 pounds. He must be enough to serve an entire posse that has gone hungry for several days. At the aquarium, Claude is being fed gourmet diced mackerel and squid..

Wall of clouds on Lake Michigan

looked out my window and saw this I'd think a giant tsunami was coming my way. But fear not! It's just some clouds, and they're beautiful too

The Power Fabric

a graduate school student have developed a Power felt which converts wasted body heat into electric current that could be used to charge mobile phones. 

The Power felt can also be used to provide electricity to a radio or a torch in case of an emergency. 
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